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The Huawei Echolife BM622, BM621 and BM625 modems are wireless mobile modems that can be carried anywhere and can instantly connect to the internet as long as it can be reached or can pick-up signal from the towers of its Internet Service Provider. It uses WiMax 4G data transmission and provides a fast internet connection of up to 15 Mbps.

The three (3) MAC addresses (WAN, LAN and WiMAX) that are in the modem provides access and serves as a bridge between the modem and the internet service provider which is very easy to replace even without knowledge in programming.

How to change the MAC Address of Huawei Echolife BM622, BM621 and BM625 modems?

  1. Connect the modem to the computer and power it on (wait for a few seconds until the modem is fully detected by the system.
  2. Then, follow the instruction in the video.

Note: Incorrect format of MAC address could possibly brick your modem. Be careful.
The following are the correct format and command:

CPE Command Sample MAC Address Format Command
BM621 setmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06 setmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06
BM622 setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06 setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06
BM622i v2010 diag set macaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06 setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06
BM625 setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06 setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C5:FC:06

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  1. pede po ask ayaw mo mag connect nung telnet sa command promt eh anu po magandang gawin?

    1. Kung Windows 7 ang gamit mong OS, you should enable first the telnet in add/program. Kung enabled na ang telnet then, ayaw pa rin, baka modified ang internal IP add ng modem. Then in that case, run command prompt then type ipconfig /all and hit enter. From the data hanapin mo ang default gateway ng iyong modem at yon ang yong gamitin sa telnet.

  2. ayaw din po magconnect sa telnet kht nkta ko na ung default gateway, ano po b mgandang gawin?

  3. ano po ang user at pass ng bm621 sir? dko kasi alam eh sana matulongan nyo ako

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